Soimadou Ibrahim (French, b. 1989) explores and re-examines family
memories by representing cherished moments of his life. Growing up in
Comoros until 10 years old influenced his perspective on socio-economics,
the strength of community and the complexities of race.

Throughout his adolescent life Ibrahim lived in a small town in Brittany
so it is not only his personal experiences but also those of the African
diaspora that provide him with a narrative to share and explore how
to navigate the environment in which you find yourself.

His artworks are adapted from archival photographs, pictures taken
by the artist himself, memories, and imagination. They each portray
the importance of relationships, of life itself and the beauty of nature,
illustrated by straight lines, bold gestural strokes and bright colours
inspired by his studies in graphicdesign and art. They also reaffirm
the persistence and timelessness of memories, encouraging
each of us to preserve our own.

2016 - MA Graphic Design & Art Direction | Campus  Fonderie de l’Image, Paris
2014 - MA Graphic Design & Digital Art | Rennes-II University, Rennes
2015 - BA Communication &  Arts | Rennes-II University, Rennes

Solo Exhibitions
2023 - In deeds and gestures | WOAW Gallery, Hong Kong
2022 - A path will always appear | Bill Brady Gallery, Miami
2022 - A time separating the beloved from those they love | Galerie Marguo, Paris
2021 - For life is not eternal | SFA Advisory, New York
2021 - Farewell Savane | Kotaro Nukaga, Tokyo
2021 - Distant Relatives | Bill Brady Gallery, Los Angeles
2021 - My thoughts tell me tales | ATM Gallery, New York

Group Exhibitions
2023 - As Friends & Partners | WOAW Gallery, Singapore
2022 - Through Our Eyes | Centre of International Contemporary Art, Vancouver
2021 - Ridiculous Sublime | SFA Advisory, New York
2020 - Isolation Mastered | JD Malat Gallery, London