Soimadou Ibrahim (French, b. 1989) explores and re-examines family memories by representing cherished moments of life in Itsinkoudi, a remote village in Ngazidja the biggest island of the Comoros archipelago, where Ibrahim's grand mother and most of his family still live.

Growing up in Comoros until 9 years old influenced his perspective on socio-economics, the strength of community and the complexities of race, and has triggered Ibrahim to question his own Frenchness in relation to the island's colonial past.

These artworks are adapted from archival photographs, pictures taken by the artist himself, memories, and imagination. They each portray the importance of family, of life itself and hope, illustrated by straight lines, bold gestural strokes and bright colours inspired by his studies in graphic design and art. In essence, Ibrahim uses the practice of painting as a way to reconnect and engage with his roots.